Jun 6, 2017

To every thing there is a time

 Suicide??? Why did he commit suicide???

When I was young, I was taught that killing yourself is unpardonable sin. Later on, I learned that we can not judge a person for committing suicide. Even the Leaders of the LDS church said so. But why would a person do that?

In the course of my life here in America, I concluded the following:

First, we can not judge the person that committed suicide if he or she can not be forgiven and understood by God.

Second, I would like to enumerate a few WHYs. BULLY. DISCRIMINATION. You can hear from time to time a sad news of yes kids committing suicide. This is also true with adults. How very sad. People can become so SELFISH (POSSESSIVE), FORCEFUL  and EVIL that they conspire to PERSECUTE and BELITTLE you. When you have no one to tell and go to and you can not take it anymore, suicide becomes the solution. Because bullying and discrimination causes depression when it is happening for a long period of time, is definitely not healthy. The body of the person has declined because of not getting the right nourishment. Why? You totally lost the appetite. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is very crucial that this be addressed with the right medication/s.

There are other reasons why but these are a few based on my personal experience and situation. I am not surprised anymore who can cause you mental pain and suffering. I BELIEVE IN MERCY BUT I ALSO BELIEVE IN JUSTICE. And mercy can not rob justice specially when you are PSYCHOLOGICALLY ABUSED. 

Third, I call you people who are being used and influenced by the cunning plans of this woman to stop and mind your own business.

I am deleting this wicked family specially this "evil woman"  in my and my family's life unless she confess all their conspiracies and bribings of people... to my Husband.  You have caused and is causing so much mental pain and emotional suffering because of your cunning plans. You can not fool me.

Remarks: Sometimes, the best solution is to withdraw yourself. And I believe the Lord hears your heart. -Irene

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