May 25, 2017

Revelation continues...

I feel more peaceful now because of expressing my feelings and thoughts that I have been keeping for a long time. This is a continuation of my blog entitled "Confession" where I talked about my in-laws. One of the things that I learned from the things that have transpired between me/us and my in-laws is the importance of understanding and knowing your rights specially if you are an immigrant.

Because I came from the Philippines (foreign land), it was easier for people to believe and be influenced by the things that they were told by my in-laws. Of course right?. Who am I? They do not know me but this should not justify the unfair judgments.

But, I always believe that the truth and correct principles will prevail despite their cunning plans, conspiracies and evil ways and it did. 

However, my Husband believed in the "truth" and believes in my "sincerity" that's why we are still together despite all the tactics and persecutions of my in-laws... and this is all that matters to me. 

So, I would like to emphasize the following:

HUMAN RIGHTS- are rights inherent to all human beings whatever our "nationality", place of residence, sex, "national or ethnic origin", "color", religion, "language" or any other status. We are all "equally entitled" to our human rights "without discrimination". (see United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner)

DISCRIMINATION- prejudice, biased, unfairness, one-sidedness, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, racism.

BULLY- persecute, oppress, harass, torment, coerce, pressure.

EMOTIONAL ABUSE also known as "psychological abuse"- any act of confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization or any other treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity and self worth, denial of the abuse and blaming the victim, lying.

 You are so evil when you force people to do what you want. You are so evil when you lie and appear as an angel of light to get people to believe you and do what you want in order to achieve your "impure desires" to get glory, praises and recognition. You are definitely evil when you team against (conspiracy) or bully someone.  

Like Nephi in the Book of Mormon, I have been born of goodly parents. I am also very grateful for having honest, kind, humble, respectful, modest, good example and spiritual sisters. And Kevron agrees to these things. 

I believe that a wise person knows how to respect his fellowmen. #loveisrespect


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