May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day, Patchy!

Today was a fine day.  It's a day to remember just how much our mothers mean to us.  I know my kids love their mommy.  They each greeted "happy mother's day" to her.  They had been anticipating this day for weeks.  Each of them prepared something special for Irene at school and at church.  They also wanted to get something for her while we were at the store.  We picked chocolate, which we know is one of  Irene's favorites.  I love to show my kids just how to appreciate their mom and my wife.  It's a skill they will be able to use in their own marriages.

Irene is away for up to 12 hours.  My gift to her is time.  I know every minute Irene is home is extremely valuable.  We depend on her emotionally and she is the light of our day.  Moms have to move quickly and Irene is a speed demon.  Our dishwasher has been broken for a while.  We budgeted in a replacement and I managed to install it.  The dishwasher is something we can all use to help save Irene's time.

I hope that Irene feels our love and appreciation.  I hope she understands how much I love her.  She really deserves the best.  Patchy, you are the best we could ever dream of.  Happy Mother's day! -Kev

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