May 29, 2017

First family camping activity this year 2017

Kev and I planned a famiy trip/camping to Memaloose State Park. As part of preparations, I bought a propane stove, ice chest/cooler and 4 inflatable camping mattresses with a  foot  pump. I was also in- charged of the meal menus. Kevron's assignments were the driver/navigator, our gadget/tech provider and main muscle.

Here's our menus:

Dinner 1: Hotdog sandwich/fruits
Dessert 1: Banana boat

Breakfast 1: Oatmeal/Cereal
Lunch 1: Hamburger
Dinner 2: Chicken/pork barbecue
Dessert 2: Smores

Breakfast 2: Scrambled eggs/cereal


First day: Arrival to the campsite, tent set up/unpacking, dinner, watched the small program (showing of fowls), discovering the area, dessert 1, played uno game, lights off.

Second day: Breakfast 1, enjoying sunrise, hiking at Deschutes, played in the river, back to the campsite, lunch 1, origami, talent presentations of each child, water bath, uno, dinner 2, dessert 2, watched the Secret life of Pets, lights off.

Third day: Breakfast 2, relaxing/final enjoyment of the nature/view, snacks, packing, stopped by Portand city/strolling/ice cream time.

Vey and Miggie gave me a flower. How very sweet baby boys of mine.

Another flower for you Mama...

CONCLUSION: I am so blessed to have this greatest thing in life: F A M  I L Y.  

Next activity: week of July 4th


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