Mar 25, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Emma Joy!

Our little songbird. The sweetest little girl, strong and smart.

The little girl who loves cuddles, hugs and tickles! When she is sad and lonely just give her one and then she will be fine. She loves sleeping in mommy or daddy's arms. 

We went to watch the Beauty and the Beast movie. 

yay for 8! May all your wishes come true. 

May your days be filled with lots of good memories.

You are mommy's girl!

And definitely Daddy's little princess! Like Beauty, you are daddy's big helper and daddy being an engineer as well. What a connection you found! You like reading books. You are ambitious, understanding, clever and wise. And remember: be your own kind of beautiful. 

You know what you want in life. 
May you continue to love life and learning. We love listening to your prayers as they consist the thoughts of your heart. We love you so dearly!

-Mommy and Daddy

Mar 19, 2017

The end of Veyron's YMCA Youth Winter Basketball

Great job Veyron for making rebounds and 3 good shots on final game! We are so pleased  :)

Happy 6th Birthday, Miggie!

Miggie requested going to John Incredibles to celebrate his birthday.

Our dearest Miggie, you are such a sweet and loving child. We are so blessed to have you in our life. You like learning things on your own. You are so independent that way. You have the gift of understanding and interpretation of things around you. At the age of one and a half years old, you already can identify the letters from the alphabet which your Daddy and I were so surprised because we did not teach you that. I just remember playing the alphabet song to you.

I wish that I have all the energy and opportunity to record the wonderful things you have said and the expressions of your love for us. May you continue to grow with healthy body and mind and choose to be happy by making good choices in life.

Here are some of the dialogues we had that I can remember:

Miggie: Mommy, do you love me?
Mommy: But of course. I love you so much..
Miggie: What happens when you become old? I don't want you to be 100. I don't want you to die..
Mommy: What you gonna do when I die?
Miggie: I'm gonna be really, really sad. I'm gonna cry all day and dig you up..

One night after Veyron's basketball practice. Kev and I drove separately. About to go home, someone knocked on my car. It was Miggie.
Miggie: I will go with you, Mom. I don't want you to be alone.

Miggie: Mommy, I want my friend Cole to come to our house and play with me. But he always forget. Next time, I will tellhim.. "Cole, you are going to my house. Put that in your brain and don't let it out."

Miggie: I wish everyone is alive except for zombies. 

-Daddy, Mommy, Veyron and Emma

Mar 11, 2017

Life is good!

I have been thinking a lot how merciful Heavenly Father had been to me and Kevron. When I decided to go back to school, it was a sudden decision. However, Kev and I both had a light feeling that it was right. Things worked out as to our schedules. It was tough as we also have 3 kids that we need to attend to but I finished the program that we chose based on my interests and benefits it will give me and us. Everything just went smoothly. Recalling the bazillion home works and exams and limited family activities, it was all worth it. It was such a big blessing that I had the opportunity to do my externship at Kaiser Permanente CIN Oncology and Hematology Department where in fact, they offered me a job which I am so grateful for. I really like the specialty as I am learning a lot about the different types of cancer and the process/procedures of treating them. It is really sorrowful when the cancer that you fought years ago would come back and or the cancer that metastasized to other part or organs of your body. Fighting a cancer is a long journey. Maybe those family members of mine that passed away because of this are still alive given the advance technology and medicine. I feel heaviness in my heart whenever I learn that there is nothing we can do to treat a patient and that her body is declining. We have patients that from adjuvant care went to palliative care or those that undergo chemotherapy that does not cure the cancer but rather controlling it thus helping to prolong life. We have patients that are being referred to hospice. But honestly, most of our patients are a source of inspiration to me because despite of the battle that they have, I can see that they have accepted it and that all that they can do is move on with their lives. Being sick is very hard. It is very stressful. To many, it even causes depression. I pray that one day, our scientists and researchers could find a "cure" to this scary disease. 

Our life is super busy! It's like I don't have enough time to finish all my tasks for the week. It's Saturday and I am not yet done with the laundry. I feel really good though being busy! We are counseled to be anxiously engaged in a good cause. When we accomplished good things, we are happy. 

This year, one of Veyron's favorite activities is basketball. It is a deep joy to me and Kevron watching him growing smart and healthy. Today, Vey made two shots!! 

Vey posing with Emma and neighbor best friend Gabe after the game.

It became a tradition to go celebrate Vey's shooting and dribbling abilities at Mc Donalds after the game. Horrraayyy for Veyron!!!

My testimony of friendship, love, team work and importance of a husband and wife spending time with each other alone are being strengthened more and more each day.