Sep 17, 2016

My Super Kiddos

Can you believe that??? All my kids are in school now!!!! Veyron is in 4th grade, Emma in 2nd grade and Miggie's in Kindergarten. Every school year, Kevron gives each of them a blessing to have a great time of experience and learning in school. I am grateful that He can bless them because he has the priesthood. It is a big comfort for me as their mother. I believe my kids find strength and comfort as well hearing the wonderful prayer of their father for them. 

It has been two weeks since they started school of this year. Veyron has been riding his bike with his friends. He is always excited to go to school. I asked him the other day what if his friends are not going to ride their bike to school, are you riding your bike still? He answered, "yes, i will!" He is such an independent kid! He knows what he wants. His confidence is growing more each day. Lately, he's been talking a lot about "tsunami". He's been asking the same questions over and over again. Kev and I would look at each other and smile. Veyron is soo cute! 

Since I leave the house earlier than the kids do, the responsibility to take Emma and Miggie to school falls on Kevron. After dropping the kids off, Kev then go straight to his job at Intel. Lately Emma, has been taking his little brother Miggie to his classroom. She is such a good big sister. She and her friends would play with Miggie during recess time. Emma is always excited to tell us this. She sure wants her brother to be happy at school. 

Emma is such a darling daughter, too! I've not been feeling well since yesterday. She offered me food  which she personally cooked...happily and thoughtfully, just for momma!

I am deeply happy for the girl she is becoming...responsible, loving and wise.

On Fridays, since it's my day off, I take advantage of the chance to take my kids to school. I've been praying for my Miggie to be just fine when he has school...that he will have an easy adjustment since it is his very first year.  So I was holding Miggie's hand expecting that he will want me to help him do his arrival tasks like put his home work folder in the tray, put his lunch bag in the basket and put his backpack in his cubby...but...he released his hand from mine, went to greet his teacher good morning and did the tasks all by himself. He is such a big boy, braver and stronger!


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