Aug 24, 2016

The river flows in you

Okay. First thing, I do not have a phone right now because for some unknown reasons my LG G5 phone which I got a month ago overheated while I was charging it in the car after a super fun family outing at Wilson River. Booo!! I know, right? (sadness) I lost the very awesome videos of us having fun playing in the water. But hey, it is not the end of the world...for me. Thankfully, the replacement phone is on the way now. Yay!! yeyyy!! I know I am showing optimism here. :)

I have enjoyed watching the kids show off their swimming styles! We brought the most awesome beach ball! Kev had so much fun floating while hugging it. "I feel like a kid when I was doing that :D", Kev said. Catch the ball was fun as well! The kids also made lots and lots of bubbles which the wind blew magically all over the place. It was really cool!

In this life, in whatever situation we're in, I believe we can always learn something spiritual. The river flows constantly in one direction. It reminded me  of the prophet Lehi in the Book of Mormon when the Lord commanded him to take his family into the wilderness for their safety and more purpose. After three days of traveling, they paused and stayed in a valley by the side of a river. Lehi named the river "Laman" after his son. The river empties into the fountain of the Red Sea. As a loving and thoughtful father, Lehi said unto Laman..."O that thou mightest be like unto this river, continually running into the fountain of all righteousness!".  (1 Nephi 2:9)

As we keep the commandments wholeheartedly, we mature spiritually. We experience that spiritual elevation that will lead us to becoming like our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

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