Aug 29, 2016

Please always remember

Many times in the Book of Mormon it was mentioned that... "we people are easy to do iniquity and slow to remember God". We know what is right but still we choose the opposite. When we face big problems and challenges, we blame God or we question Him. When we accomplished great things, we tend to boast and think too much of ourselves.

I would like to give emphasis on the importance of remembering the Lord in all things as I believe it is an expression of our love, respect, reverence and gratitude to Him. 

As the  middle child in the family where I was born, as a child until my adolescence I experienced 5 school transfers mostly because we can't afford financially that all of us are in private school. Maybe I wasn't that lucky to stay or it was just what the circumstance has asked me to do. The adjustments were not easy yet I never complained. It made me sad every transfer but I kept moving on as I so love school. I have learned to balance my quest for both spiritual and secular learning. I have learned to trust that the Lord will take care of me...and He did. I was a consistent honor student since elementary up to College. Because of the challenges I have faced, I considered my accomplishments as the Lord's way of comforting me. I always tell myself that it was not me but the Lord. 

I do not want to forget that I depend on the Lord in all things for in the first place "He has created me, and has kept and preserved me and has caused me to rejoice, and has granted that I should live... He is preserving me from day to day, by lending me breath, that I may live and move and do according to my own will, and even supporting me from one moment to another" (Mosiah 2:20-21)



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