Jul 2, 2016

Who do I trust? I have enough!


"To be trusted is greater than to be loved". You can love anyone but you can't trust everyone. Usually, those who break your trust don't care much about you. For me, a person who knows how to "respect" is a trustworthy person. Trusting someone who continuously break your trust will lead to "pistanthrophobia". It is just extremely hard to trust those people.


This is very painful. I experienced this. I was ridiculed and persecuted a lot by "people" which I believe were morally wrong. However,  I was taken cared of miraculously. I am grateful and I know better. 



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Nyla Person Burgos said...

I agree with you Patchy. In life I learned that there will always be people who will love you but also people who will keep pulling you down even if you are not doing anything bad to them. We might not know their reasons behind, their motives and desires.
But I learned that these people do not deserve to be part of my life. I love you so much! Cheer up! For when the Lord is with you, we will always be safe.