Jul 24, 2016

Enjoying childhood


Watching my kids having fun reminds me of my childhood. I have many good memories as a child. Kids life is "playing". I grew up in a small town but with lots of playmate neighbor kids. The games that I played with my friends and sisters were simple yet enjoyable! Here are some of them:

We call this "chinese garter". lots of jumping and strategies.

Jumping is timing!


Playing in the rain is so much fun! This was also our time to play boat racing made of paper.

Luksong tinik


Tagu-taguan which we enjoyed playing at night when there is moon.

Hula hoop

Playing jack stone

Agawan base or sikyo which it would be advantageous if you run fast.

There were other games and activities that I have enjoyed like camping, going to the mall, playing at a playground, climbing up a tree, playing in the water and so on.I love my childhood! It was definitely full of fun and wonderful memories!

I would like my kids to enjoy their childhood as much as we can. Just "be kids"  by playing and having kid things. 


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