Jul 30, 2016

A Family Day at the Washington County Fair

Today the purpose is to have fun!
We are happiest when we see our kids happy and growing. We are all happiest when we feel the spirit of love and goodness.

Can you guess what animal we are pretending to be?
Yes!!! A rabbit! 
Behind us are bunnies of different breeds. They looked so soft, huggable and lovable :) We actually had the chance to pet one of them. 
I wish Mom and Dad will buy me a bunny... - Emma

Hi Cows!!! Momma cows are huge and the calves are cuties!!

WHOA!!! All the horses that we saw are huge!!! By the way, we also saw roosters and hens. There were really some that are adorable!! We saw a baby version of Nigel from the movie Rio. hahaha 

After visiting the animal sheds, we had some snacks and drinks and then Mommy and Daddy  bought us some wristbands, meaning we can do the rides that we can as much as we want. :) :) :)

Chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo!

Broooomm broooommm

We are going to outer space!!!

I can be by myself -Miggie :)

For finale of the fun, we played the pop balloons and we won these stuff toys. Hooooooooorrrraaayyyy!!!!!!

Here are some of the videos of our fun rides!! Enjoy watching :)








-Irene, Kev and kids

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