Jun 28, 2016

How I Manage Stress

I always want to be there for my children. I hope to live a long life enough to see them successful by having a good family. Stress can kill a person. Here are the ways I counter attack them.

1. I identify the sources of my stress. I study their pros and cons then I do the necessary action.

2. I spend time with my family and friends. These people make the best smiles on my face. These people believe in me and therefIore they strengthen my self-esteem. They accept and respect me for who I am therefore, I am confident and happy around them. They definitely strengthen me!

3. I listen to music that helps me meditate and feel the love of God for me. This is my "solitude" moment. I mostly listen to my favorite LDS songs. They comfort me a lot!

4. I spend my time wisely. I have a set of schedule for household chores and plannings. I study my lessons and do my school home works ahead of time.

5. I try to get a good sleep and rest. I try to retire to bed early. A relaxing sleep is invigorating.

6. I say no to things that will just add stress in me.  

7. I do things that's of my interest/that I enjoy e.g. decorating my house, online shopping/browsing etc. It helps me feel relaxed when I see my house clean and organized. It is more convenient for me most of the time to buy clothes and stuff online. Ha! One of my "myself times".

8. I find the right time to blog my thoughts and feelings. It exercise my brain and release my emotions.

9. I talk to my counselor specially to my Husband. Of all the people here on the earth, my Husband is the person that I trust the most. He is my  "confidant". 

10. I try to avoid caffeine. 

11. I try to eat more healthy. I love fruits and vegetables. 

12. I take a shower. Feeling fresh and clean relaxes my mind and body. I feel good when I smell good. :)


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