Jun 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day to the Father of my Children

Kevron is such a wonderful Father to my children. He is working hard to provide for their physical needs. I never heard him complain about this responsibility. I feel so happy, loved and valued whenever he teaches them about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ...him nourishing our children spiritually. Kevron also takes advantage of the moment whenever he is with the kids, teaching them things about science, history and all those things that he believes will help them  be good children of  Father in Heaven. Not just helping them gain knowledge but wisdom through experience. He is helping them develop the qualities that they need in order to prepare to face the challenges of life for example being responsible by getting themselves ready for school, get food and be nice, respect for Mommy and everyone by saying good things, understand the value of work, be obedient to the house rules, love for everyone and so on. It is so fun watching him play games with the kids...basketball, board games, guessing games etc.


Emma being the Daddy's little girl is being often reminded by Kevron to be modest in clothing and words. He is teaching her to be her best self, be nice and believe that she is beautiful and that she does not need make ups...

I made some chicken barbecue, oven roasted garlic potatoes and carrots for dinner. 

During dinner, I asked our kids what they love about their Daddy. I wished I made a video of it but here's the dialogue:

MOMMY:  Vey what do you love about Daddy?

VEY (9 y.o.):  He is the best Dad and he almost knows everything. 

MOMMY: How about you Emma?

EMMA (7 y.o.): umm.. I love Daddy because he is the best and he almost knows everything. 

MOMMY: What about..where does Daddy go everyday? 

All the kids raising their hands... I picked on Vey..

VEY: He goes to work so we can have the things that we need like food.

EMMA: Yeah, so we can have any thing that we need.

MOMMY: How about you Miggie? What can you say?

MIGGIE (5.y.o.): I like it when Daddy tickles me :D

VEY: I have something to say... 


I know that our kids  have many good memories with their Daddy from Father and children camping, hiking, working on the plants, shoppings, play and most importantly teaching moments feeling the spirit. 



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Nyla Person Burgos said...

Awww! this is so cute patch!! i will do this too someday!! you rock you rock!!
The kids are so sweet... Grabe ang paghanga nila talaga sa daddy nila na matalino ahh!!!
Npakaganda naman ni Emma,,, parang wala na akong problema sa mga dresses ng anak ko!!!!!