May 10, 2016

Press On

I am actually eager to blog our Family Home Evening lesson today and those other important matters that Kev and I think that are of urgency and have great impact in the development of our precious children.

First, I would like to define a little what is Family Home Evening (FHE for short). FHE is a wonderful opportunity for families to gather together at least once a week to strengthen each other by learning the gospel, sharing one's thoughts and feelings and of course simply enjoy each other and have or do fun activity together. 

Kev and I felt impressed to pick the topic of "pornography". This epidemic have destroyed individuals and families. It is everywhere. Kev and I would like to protect our children from this awful monster. To simply explain it to our kids, we showed the video below. And then we had a simple discussion.

We have the so called "Brain Decision System". This is centered in the brain which is responsible for the decisions we make, good or bad. Our brain forms our habits. When we decide to do something, and then do it again, and again, again and again then it will become a habit. It is important that we build healthy habits.

10,000 hours

The brain is a habit forming machine.  It forms habits as a way to become efficient.  Layer upon layer of neurons and pathways are created each time we do something.  Some claim that when you do a thing for 10,000 hours, you become a master of it.  Some things we do for that period of time, we would rather not become masters of.

To overcome entrenched habits, we must replace them.  It's not enough to try and erase those pathways (and it would take too long).  The brain is really good at making habits, so lets use that to our advantage.

As parents, we think that it is important that we take the time to help our kids develop good habits while little. We definitely have a big role on this. These habits become their character, their core personality. We are advised to "train up a child in the way  he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" -Proverbs 22:6.  Kev and I have great hope for our children.


Keeping well-placed reminders of our daily activities can help us form new habits.

We posted the reminders in our bedroom so we can be good examples to the kids and that they know that we are also followers. 

Irene and Kev

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