May 20, 2016

Some things today

Hi. I'm back. I am just with Emma right now. The boys went to the "Father and Son" camping activity of the ward. We were all so busy before they left yet we are happy. Miggie was so excited.!! He was already seated inside the car but then he went out just to say, "Mommy, I'm gonna go camping today! I love you! Buh-bye :)". Emma and I gave  each of them a hug after Kev said a prayer and then they took off. 

Now, I finished the first two sets of my homework. I still need to fold the clothes that's  pilled up downstairs. Anyway, while doing my homework, Emma was writing her third story.  Here it is:


She did it by herself. I am happy to see her progress in writing using her own imaginations. And then we both drew a cat. We had fun drawing and coloring Garfield!


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