Apr 5, 2016

One year older and wiser, too... Happy Birthday, Veyron! 9th :)

Where did the time go? I can't believe how fast kids grow. Looking back, I remember how anxious I was to listen to his heartbeat. I was hoping that it is perfect and fine and it was! Kev and I were both teary eyed. I was so amazed and joyful! I can't believe that I am going to be a mother...that I am going to have my very own baby! How wonderful that is!

Although Kev and I were so poor, we never hesitated and doubted to get pregnant or start a family. We know that the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. As for me, I believe that  our main purpose as husband and wife is to help Heavenly father accomplish His work which is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men". This is a very sacred responsibility entrusted to us by the Deity.

Our Veyron was a huge blessing to our young married life. It was because of him that we were able to overcome the challenges of our marriage. Veyron has given us plenty of opportunities to use our minds and talents, grow in love and service and mature in the gospel together.

When Veyron was starting to say more words when he was one and half years old, he started to have a condition where he would involuntarily bite his tongue while sleeping. We took him to his Pediatrician to get his ideas and opinion regarding the situation.  Although he does not know the cause of it, he prescribed an antibiotic thinking it would heal the wounds on Vey's tongue. It did not heal because he keeps on biting it uncontrollably...muchly! We gave him the antibiotics for two weeks hoping for a miracle. I remember my poor baby bleeding and can't eat anything and could not sleep well. We took him to a different Doctor for another opinion. He prescribed a different antibiotics, an anti-fungus this time. But it just made it worst. Kev and I tried different ways to prevent Veyron from biting his tongue but we were only moderately successful. Not completely. The tip of his tongue was so infected that when he bites it, the tissue would come off. We took him to a children's hospital where they did A LOT of blood work for many different tests. They found out it was a very strong bacteria and his Doctor prescribed a very strong antibiotic. It finally got rid of the infection but he continued biting his tongue.  It was frustrating! I was so worried about Veyron's speech because he stopped talking. We were both so tired and restless from those sleepless nights. Oh, my poor baby!

After six months, Veyron was still biting his tongue but it was not as frequent as before but  the bitings all in all created a big damage to the apex of his tongue.

When we had Emma, our second child, she started to have the same tongue-biting problem. Also before she turned two. When we moved to Oregon in 2009, their new Pediatrician recommended us to go to the university sleep specialist. He did a test where Emma would sleep with a bunch of sensors connected to her brain. They determined it was not seizure but they still did not know what it is. After the Doctor did some research, she found out that it was a rare condition. There's no cure but they will out grow it and they ALL did! Yes, all three of them: Vey, Emma and Miggie had it. Sadly, Vey's was worst.

Veyron is a strong boy! He has grown A LOT in the past two years. He continuous to make strides in his communication, his math, his organizational skills and being responsible. He is quiet but observant. He knows what he wants. And he also tries to be a leader in the family.

We love our Veyron so much!


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Nyla Person Burgos said...

Happy happy birthday dear Vey!!! :)

You have grown into an amazing boy.We wish you more and more energy and smartness!!
Thank you for your love and the joy you are bringing into the family.
May all your happy dreams come true!
The Burgosm!