Apr 3, 2016

Our March Babies

On March 16th we celebrated the 5th birthday of our  Michael Rollie aka Miggieboy. After so many hardships in terms of health, finances and spirituality, I got pregnant with this baby. My pregnancy with him was not difficult compared with the other two. Although, I was induced delivery with him, I will never forget that it was the easiest, most relaxing and simplest. I appreciate my mother-in-law for helping us out taking care of the older kids so we can go to the hospital and more so, I can get the rest I needed.

I will never forget how in-love I was with our baby Miggie. My arms were never tired holding him and I have enjoyed it so much! He is such a beautiful baby, so cuddly and precious!

Miggie is smart! He enjoys studying alphabets and numbers. He likes to draw, color and play guessing games. His personality is so cute! His wittiness and talking are so adorable! 

Being the youngest, he look  up to his older siblings. They are his best friends and source of strength. 

Miggie is a very helpful son. He likes helping me clean the house. With a rug in his hand, he works hard cleaning the walls, doors, drawers and every where his rug can touch. He likes helping daddy with his gardening and yard work activities, too. 

Truly, he brings joy to our family! And, we love him so dearly.

We are blessed to be able to celebrate Emma Joy's 7th Birthday on March 21. My pregnancy with Emma was very difficult so as giving birth to her. I was not very healthy  and life was full of challenges. A month before my due date, Kevron lost his job. He was so depressed at that time. Loosing his job means, we also lost benefits like medical and dental insurances. I will never forget the look on his face, with teary eyes informing me of the sad news. We were forced to vacate the apartment where we are living and was given two weeks notice to leave and pay them the balance. 

We have seen during this time of hardship, the hand of the Lord in helping our family cope with the immediate needs. We received help from both our families. My Mom sent us money so we can pay the apartment. Then we moved to Kev's family back in Roy. The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Kevron was contacted by a company in Turkey and offered him a contract work with them. Sometimes, life brings us surprises when we least expected them. The idea of going to the Philippines came to our minds. We thought that it is a good idea to have this baby girl there since medical care in the Philippines is inexpensive compared here in America. More importantly, we can have a reunion with my family there. So, we did the necessary steps to make this happen. Things worked out for us.

We flew to the Philippines and was reunited with my family. I missed them a lot! It was sad and lonely being away from them. Life's been very tiring and stressful. However, I did my best to find joy along the way. I found so much comfort, peace and strength from the scriptures. 

I was induced with Emma's delivery because my water was very low. This time, I'm doing it all natural. I struggled so much during labor. I've been doing different positions so to ease the pains. I've been moving and moving around, calling Heavenly Father for help... until I started to bleed and then I was taken to the delivery room. After delivering Emma, I did not know what else happened because I passed out. 

It's been seven years but I am blessed to have this sweet girl. She gives you the tightest hugs, sweetest compliments and kindest words. I admire her enthusiasm and hard work for school activities. I admire her initiative to clean and organize her bedroom. I appreciate her obedience to our house rules. I'm grateful for her helps in cooking and table preparations. She is smart and active!

Emma is a blessing to our family! And we absolutely love her!


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