Jul 4, 2014

Three Sisters volcanic activity

Irene and I had a wonderful trek to the three sisters volcanoes.  We originally planned to do about 40 miles in 5 days.  However snow levels prevented us from reaching our goal.  We planned to early in the season.  On our way back, we were met with a surprise.  After some analysis of some volcanic rocks, we felt a tremor.  The volcanoes were waking up.  We quickly tried to get out as fast as we could, but the volcanoes weren't the only things waking up.  Orcs had also woken up.  They attacked Irene and later kidnapped her.  I fought off as many as I could and continued to head out.  Irene managed to escape and meet me back at the van.

We made it out alive thus we can declare a micro-victory.

Here's a little mini-movie describing our experience:

In seriousness, it was a wonderful trip.  We came back somewhat defeated, but life is a learning process.  We'll be back and we'll finish the three sisters.  Here's the highlights and a link to the Google Plus story with probably over an hour of video discussing techniques and gear that we have with us.

Google Plus Story:

Three Sisters Story

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