Jun 7, 2014

2014 Family Update

Wow, talk about neglected blogs.  I lot has happened since 2010.  First, Migges (Michael R. Rees) was born in March 2011.  He's a bundle of fun, loves learning and puzzles and has a really fun personality.  That's the major update.  Everything else is slight upgrades over what was before.  Kev still works at Intel but now on the Tizen IVI project.  Kev has also taken up the study of economics and loves to debate political and economic issues on facebook.

Irene stays busy with the kids and designing how to make the house beautiful.  She hangs out with her friends and participates in family activities such as hiking, visiting parks, etc.

Kev and Irene have also taken up backpacking as a hobby.  So far they have managed to go out hiking just about every month this year.  February was the Deschutes River trip:

In March the couple went west to the beaches in Tillamook bay.  Bayocean split:

Kev then went on a solo over-nighter to Salmon River in late April/early May:

Irene and Kev are planning a longer 4 day trip to the Three Sisters Volcanoes in Central Oregon.

There are plenty of more activities planned and we'll post pics and video on this blog as they happen.

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