Jul 17, 2010

Alab ng Puso

One of my favorite songs by Rivermaya. Here's my english translation of it (with the loving help of my wife):

You have fallen
You have lost
You counted out but you shall rise again.

No one would believe
No one would listen
They say there's no hope in your crashing world
Will you go with the flow or not?

Even if death is the cost
We'll see...
I'll give it all for this is the only way
We'll see who's got the fighting heart.

you tear up when you can't stop the joy
you've waiting long my friend
you'll sing
to extend the sweetness of a heaven give moment

Flam of the heart, never surrender

Jul 2, 2010

moving forward

It's been a while that we haven't blogged. so here's the update:

Last year in December Kev was laid off from his job at Control4. This came at a very critical moment as Irene was at the time, 6 months pregnant. Kev immediately started interviewing for jobs but nothing came up.

As a blessing seemingly out of nowhere, a person representing a telecommunications company in Turkey contacted Kev using the online forum that Kev uses for his open source car software community. They wanted Kev to develop some software to track taxis in Istanbul. This was a huge blessing because it would bring in the necessary income to for Irene's delivery.

A number of different factors lead Kev and Irene to have the delivery in the Philippines. Irene hadn't seen her family for 3 years and wanted to share the delivery with them. In addition to that, it was timely as Kev could work on his contract from the Philippines and living expenses and the delivery expenses were much more affordable. The Rees family then departed to visit the Person family.

On March 21, 2009, Irene gave birth to Emma Joy Rees. She was a beautiful baby. Kev and Irene used teamwork to care for the new baby. Kev would stay up late to put Emma to sleep and Irene would wake up when Emma needed a midnight snack.

These were very difficult times for the family. The contract lasted much longer than estimated due to several issues. This meant that the payments were spread over a longer period and Kev and Irene struggled to stretch what they had in between payments. They found happiness in the simple things like having enough money for bread and Cheesewiz or a hot cinnamon roll. When the payments would come, they would "splurge" and eat at McDonalds.

A few months later, Kev's contract ended and it was time to go home. Both Irene and Kev were nervous that Kev didn't have a job. To play it safe, the idea was presented to leave the kids with their grandparents while Irene and Kev went home and found jobs. However, Kev didn't feel right about the idea. He didn't know why, it just didn't feel right. Kev decided to go home first with Vey and to make preparations for Irene and Emma to join with them as soon as Emma's passport had arrived.

When Kev arrived home, he quickly worked to find a job. Faith played a big role and Kev through an acquaintance (also connected through the open source car software community) found out that Intel was in need of developers. After a quick phone interview with the manager, Kev was offered a position. However, because of his lack of experience and education, he was offered a 6 month contract so that Intel could test his skills and see if he was a good fit for the team.

Kev left for Oregon where the job was located in August. Irene, Veyron and Emma joined him a few weeks later. Despite his temporary contract, Kev felt confident that he could perform the tasks given him and worked hard to fulfill his assignment. He was offered a full time position 6 months later.

Kev, Irene, Vey and Emma are now enjoying their first Oregon summer.

It's truly amazing the journey life takes you. What seems like a terrible trials twists with faith to become a great blessing.

Feb 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

Irene encouraged me to try and log some of my thoughts and things I learn while reading. I'll try and do that more as they come.

For the past few days, I've been watching some Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon with Veyron. One of the many we've been watching was the story of the Brother of Jared. In this, the Brother of Jared on a tall mountain asks the Lord about some problems he's run into while building the barges that he's been shown to build. He asks a couple questions and the Lord promptly answers him. He finally asks "how shall we have light". This time, the Lord responded with a question: "what would ye have me do so that ye may have light?"

I've been reading the book "Rough Stone Rolling" which is a biography on Joseph Smith. In the section I'm at, Joseph takes a trip to New York City. Joseph, being a humble farm boy from rural america, was amazed at the large city of then 200,000 people. In a letter home to Emma he wrote "can the great God of all the Earth, maker of all things magnificent and splendid be displeased with man for all these great inventions?" To this question Joseph replied "my answer is no, it cannot be, seeing these works are calculated to make men comfortable, wise and happy."

These two stories come together to form a principle that I think is important for me: that the Lord is happy when we figure things out on our own. He wants us to do things of our own effort to improve our lives and the lives of others. In the case of the brother of Jared, I think He was teaching the brother of Jared to think of a solution to his problem on his own.

Consider the Lilies...