Jul 29, 2009

I created some videos of some songs I wrote for my Love before I married her. Added to the songs are pictures that I hold very close to my heart. I miss her and hope I can be with her again very very soon.

The first song is called 12.24.05. It's an adaptation of 12.24.94 by Jimmy Eat World. This is one of the most complex songs I composed: there are 6 parts in this song. Mixing was a challenge, but I'm proud of the result. Its from my second album is called, "Sundown".

The second and third song on this video are called, "Be with you IJ050505" and "Go To Sleep". They are both original songs. The first originally appeared on my first album and was remasterd for the second album. This is the remastered version with 3 guitar parts. The original inspiration for the song came to me on the date, 050505. I wanted to write a song that told a story. It was very much inspired by "Good time" by the Counting Crows.

"Go to Sleep" didn't originally appear in the second album, but was added later as a "bonus". There are two versions, well three I suppose. The original became a bonus version with a hidden verse. The version in the video is an enhancement of the "album version" which would have appeared in my 3rd unfinished album.

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