Apr 20, 2009

Em-J's blessing

I just uploaded some pictures with Emma Joy in her blessing outfit on facebook. If you haven't seen them by now, check em out.

Blessings of course are special things. The main thing that stood out to me in Emma's blessing was that she "would know the love of Christ, and share that love with others".

It was an awesome experience. I am a very proud father. Having a new baby girl is scary. What am I going to do with this new little one? "Just love her" comes to mind.

Here are my two beautiful girls:

Newborn babies sleep alot. Here's one of Ems that shows her whole body system:

I'm very privileged to have this new addition in my life. I enjoy spending time with Em-J. At nights, I stay up with here until her bedtime (1am+) while her beautiful mommy gets some well earned rest. Even though I myself am tired, I enjoy getting to know her and her little personality.