Mar 26, 2009

Emma Joy, The new joy in our life

Em-J with Daddy

Em-J with Mommy

Veyron with little sister Emma

Emma Joy Person Rees ("Em-J" for short) was born on March 21, 2009 in Baguio Medical Center. She weighs 5.06lbs, 18.89 inches, has brown hair, beautiful skin, and a sweet countenance.

We are so happy to have this little one in our life.

We chose the name "Emma" for good reason. She gets her name from Emma Smith, the wife of the prophet. Learning more about Emma Smith's life we realized what a choice lady she was. Despite the trials and tribulations suffered by the couple, she endured it all. She never denied her testimony of the Book of Mormon or of her husbands prophetic calling.

During the past year, Irene and I have felt we've been going through a lot of trials. I'm sure they are no more different than any couple goes through, but for us, they seemed unmatched by anything we had experienced before. When you loose a job, a number of different trials and experiences emerge anew and the unexpected becomes expected. The name seemed fitting.

Of course, the "Joy" portion of the name comes from my love's name: Irene Joy. But it's more than that, its a simple reminder that despite hard times, trials, or sadness, "Men are that they might have joy".

Em-J with Auntie Valerie

Em-J with cousin Daniela

Em-J with Auntie Iroal

Em-J with Auntie Ivy

Em-J and cousin Dwayne Isaiah

Veyron and cousin Daniela

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Deanna E. said...

Congratulations Kevron and Irene on your new baby girl! She is beautiful just like her Mommy! I hope that all of you are doing well! Are you in the Philippines? Love you!