Jan 15, 2009

My Love's Special Day

For my wife's birthday, being the understanding person that she is, given our circumstance, only requested a couple special things from me. She wanted to go to the temple, to see the church sites, and learn more about the church and it's activities and how it helps improve people's lives. And she asked to eat at one of our favorite places, Golden Corral. The visit to temple square was very special, and the spirit there was great. We learned a lot. I was particularly amazed at the tabernacle. It's very much different than what I'm used to seeing on TV. You can really see the detail and beauty when you see it in person. It was also amazing to me that the early saints had the talent and ability to construct such an amazing building.

Afterward we went out to eat (sponsored by the ebay spoils of control4, haha) a well earned meal. Irene has done a lot for me, and my son and I wish I could take her to her favorite places to eat everyday. She is truely the love of my life. My IJ!


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