Jan 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanay Suting (sofia haha)

Nephi with Nanay Sofia

I am always holding my head because I know that I am still your favorite...hehe But I think it is because I am so far away from the family. :) haha Whenever I talk to you over the phone, I could feel how much you control your emotions to avoid crying or being emotional. haha Honestly, I gain so much strength from talking to you Nanay. You are our second mother. And we know how much you love and care for the family. You are such a great example of sincere service and charity. Don't worry you will have the opportunity to hold my Veyron and the little one in my tummy. ;) I love you so much and wish you all the happiness that you deserve. Stay strong and healthy!
ps. I miss the yummy foods that you make :)

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