Jan 14, 2009

Happy Birthday My Super Pinoy Lolo!

So I've been having fun talking with my family on skype for free even for hours. My Mom also made an account for herself. I think that that makes her definitely cool. Both of us are able to save a lot. I give credit to my Husband for discovering this pc call opportunity. My Mom told me about her new calling in the church as Church Service Missionary (Area Support Missionary). It deals with Family History Work under the Family History Department of the LDS Church. She is loving it and in fact enjoying their worldwide on line training from Salt Lake using skype :). Pretty cool!

When my mother mentioned family history on our talk, I remembered that it was her father's birthday yesterday. I always wish that I had the chance to meet both my paternal and maternal grandparents specially my Mom's father. It is because I heard so many great stories about him. So I tried to remember them one by one last night with the help of my Mother.

First, HAPPY 82ND BIRTHDAY LOLO GUMING! (Gumersindo Narag). My Lola Mameng who is Lolo Guming's elder sister that is still alive said that Grandpa since his childhood is very studious and very intelligent. He is "guapo" since their mother Lola Jovita is 80% spanish. He is almost 6ft tall. wow Hmm grrr I didn't inherit his height neither my Mom haha. He loves music too and was in fact used to play the guitar during his college years. He grew up in Mauanan, Rizal, Cagayan Valley until High School where he graduated as Valedictorian. After High School, he entered schooling at the School for Reserved Commission (SRC) now called PMA, the Philippine Military Academy. Then enlisted in the Armed Forces of the Philippines called Philippine Constabulary (PC) at the age of 18. Now it's called PNP. He graduated College at the "School for Reserved Commission" SRC, in Manila. That is the school for those wanting to become soldiers. He studied there for 4 years with a degree in Military Tactics. From Manila, he was transferred in mission to Quezon City. He was Master Sergeant but was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and was given the highest military award (posthumous award with gold cross and Phil. flag, military gun salute) during his death. He died in action. He was killed in an encounter with the Huk Balahap movement under the leadership of Taruc in Magalang, Pampanga. They were on mission to attack the hiding place of a Commander fighting against the government. He was commissioned to capture this commander dead or alive. Unfortunately, he got shot and died at the age of 35 in 1962.

My Mom speaking of her father said that...she remembers whenever her Dad comes home from his mission (work), he would first give their Mom arrival kiss, he spends time playing with them (the kids). He'd pretend he is a cow and all of the kids will try to sit on his back. They'd climb up on him, tickles etc. He always see to it that he'd be able to spend quality time with his family since he'd be away from them for a while. He's such a disciplinarian person. There is time for fun and play, time for learning, a time for everything. Mom said that every 6 in the evening all of them should be gathered around their altar to say Angelus. It was one of their family religious traditions. Lolo believes that a woman's place is in the home and that it is the resposibility of the husband to work and provide for the family. The wife is the queen and should take good care of the kids, be their mother and first teacher.

I so love Lolo Guming's life! I hope that my siblings will be able to read this blog. Grandpa was a great man!!! We must honor him forever! Thanks to Mommy for working out the temple ordinances for the dead for Lolo.

ps. pictures to follow

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