Jul 29, 2009

I created some videos of some songs I wrote for my Love before I married her. Added to the songs are pictures that I hold very close to my heart. I miss her and hope I can be with her again very very soon.

The first song is called 12.24.05. It's an adaptation of 12.24.94 by Jimmy Eat World. This is one of the most complex songs I composed: there are 6 parts in this song. Mixing was a challenge, but I'm proud of the result. Its from my second album is called, "Sundown".

The second and third song on this video are called, "Be with you IJ050505" and "Go To Sleep". They are both original songs. The first originally appeared on my first album and was remasterd for the second album. This is the remastered version with 3 guitar parts. The original inspiration for the song came to me on the date, 050505. I wanted to write a song that told a story. It was very much inspired by "Good time" by the Counting Crows.

"Go to Sleep" didn't originally appear in the second album, but was added later as a "bonus". There are two versions, well three I suppose. The original became a bonus version with a hidden verse. The version in the video is an enhancement of the "album version" which would have appeared in my 3rd unfinished album.

Jun 27, 2009

On Father's Day

I had fun making cookies and pizza with my sister Valerie for Father's Day.
I want to express my love and appreciation to my wonderful husband, the father of my two beautiful children.

Our growing prince and princess, Veyron and Emma

Thanks for everything Pie-thon. I love you too much!

May 18, 2009

You are always special!

For my mother, belated Happy Mother's Day! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your love and sacrifices for me and my siblings. For the first time in my life, I experienced giving birth in a natural way. It was my second baby. In my country (the Philippines), I often hear from mothers that experienced giving birth this: "you will call all the saints for mercy and strength". I did not completely understand what this meant.

As I labor , little by little I could feel the pains from the contractions becoming stronger and faster. Until the breathing was hard and I started bleeding. I remember I called my Heavenly Father for courage and determination. The pains of the contractions and giving birth itself were very clear in my mind. Even now, I could still remember the feelings of the experience.

When I saw my beautiful baby

May 6, 2009

Mother's Day

I'd like to make some comments on how much I appreciate my wife. She is the mother of my two beautiful children and I can't express how much I love her
Here's who my wife is:

Beautiful, long dark, shiny hair.
Perfect eyes.
Uplifting laughter
Ambitious (plans and sets goals well!)
Great mother (the best).
Loves her husband ;)
Lover, and a good friend.
Wonderful voice
Loves the Lord, God-fearing, Humble.
Submissive to righteousness.
I love her.

Happy mother's day my love!

Apr 20, 2009

Em-J's blessing

I just uploaded some pictures with Emma Joy in her blessing outfit on facebook. If you haven't seen them by now, check em out.

Blessings of course are special things. The main thing that stood out to me in Emma's blessing was that she "would know the love of Christ, and share that love with others".

It was an awesome experience. I am a very proud father. Having a new baby girl is scary. What am I going to do with this new little one? "Just love her" comes to mind.

Here are my two beautiful girls:

Newborn babies sleep alot. Here's one of Ems that shows her whole body system:

I'm very privileged to have this new addition in my life. I enjoy spending time with Em-J. At nights, I stay up with here until her bedtime (1am+) while her beautiful mommy gets some well earned rest. Even though I myself am tired, I enjoy getting to know her and her little personality.

Mar 26, 2009

Emma Joy, The new joy in our life

Em-J with Daddy

Em-J with Mommy

Veyron with little sister Emma

Emma Joy Person Rees ("Em-J" for short) was born on March 21, 2009 in Baguio Medical Center. She weighs 5.06lbs, 18.89 inches, has brown hair, beautiful skin, and a sweet countenance.

We are so happy to have this little one in our life.

We chose the name "Emma" for good reason. She gets her name from Emma Smith, the wife of the prophet. Learning more about Emma Smith's life we realized what a choice lady she was. Despite the trials and tribulations suffered by the couple, she endured it all. She never denied her testimony of the Book of Mormon or of her husbands prophetic calling.

During the past year, Irene and I have felt we've been going through a lot of trials. I'm sure they are no more different than any couple goes through, but for us, they seemed unmatched by anything we had experienced before. When you loose a job, a number of different trials and experiences emerge anew and the unexpected becomes expected. The name seemed fitting.

Of course, the "Joy" portion of the name comes from my love's name: Irene Joy. But it's more than that, its a simple reminder that despite hard times, trials, or sadness, "Men are that they might have joy".

Em-J with Auntie Valerie

Em-J with cousin Daniela

Em-J with Auntie Iroal

Em-J with Auntie Ivy

Em-J and cousin Dwayne Isaiah

Veyron and cousin Daniela

Jan 15, 2009

My Love's Special Day

For my wife's birthday, being the understanding person that she is, given our circumstance, only requested a couple special things from me. She wanted to go to the temple, to see the church sites, and learn more about the church and it's activities and how it helps improve people's lives. And she asked to eat at one of our favorite places, Golden Corral. The visit to temple square was very special, and the spirit there was great. We learned a lot. I was particularly amazed at the tabernacle. It's very much different than what I'm used to seeing on TV. You can really see the detail and beauty when you see it in person. It was also amazing to me that the early saints had the talent and ability to construct such an amazing building.

Afterward we went out to eat (sponsored by the ebay spoils of control4, haha) a well earned meal. Irene has done a lot for me, and my son and I wish I could take her to her favorite places to eat everyday. She is truely the love of my life. My IJ!


Jan 14, 2009

Happy Birthday My Super Pinoy Lolo!

So I've been having fun talking with my family on skype for free even for hours. My Mom also made an account for herself. I think that that makes her definitely cool. Both of us are able to save a lot. I give credit to my Husband for discovering this pc call opportunity. My Mom told me about her new calling in the church as Church Service Missionary (Area Support Missionary). It deals with Family History Work under the Family History Department of the LDS Church. She is loving it and in fact enjoying their worldwide on line training from Salt Lake using skype :). Pretty cool!

When my mother mentioned family history on our talk, I remembered that it was her father's birthday yesterday. I always wish that I had the chance to meet both my paternal and maternal grandparents specially my Mom's father. It is because I heard so many great stories about him. So I tried to remember them one by one last night with the help of my Mother.

First, HAPPY 82ND BIRTHDAY LOLO GUMING! (Gumersindo Narag). My Lola Mameng who is Lolo Guming's elder sister that is still alive said that Grandpa since his childhood is very studious and very intelligent. He is "guapo" since their mother Lola Jovita is 80% spanish. He is almost 6ft tall. wow Hmm grrr I didn't inherit his height neither my Mom haha. He loves music too and was in fact used to play the guitar during his college years. He grew up in Mauanan, Rizal, Cagayan Valley until High School where he graduated as Valedictorian. After High School, he entered schooling at the School for Reserved Commission (SRC) now called PMA, the Philippine Military Academy. Then enlisted in the Armed Forces of the Philippines called Philippine Constabulary (PC) at the age of 18. Now it's called PNP. He graduated College at the "School for Reserved Commission" SRC, in Manila. That is the school for those wanting to become soldiers. He studied there for 4 years with a degree in Military Tactics. From Manila, he was transferred in mission to Quezon City. He was Master Sergeant but was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and was given the highest military award (posthumous award with gold cross and Phil. flag, military gun salute) during his death. He died in action. He was killed in an encounter with the Huk Balahap movement under the leadership of Taruc in Magalang, Pampanga. They were on mission to attack the hiding place of a Commander fighting against the government. He was commissioned to capture this commander dead or alive. Unfortunately, he got shot and died at the age of 35 in 1962.

My Mom speaking of her father said that...she remembers whenever her Dad comes home from his mission (work), he would first give their Mom arrival kiss, he spends time playing with them (the kids). He'd pretend he is a cow and all of the kids will try to sit on his back. They'd climb up on him, tickles etc. He always see to it that he'd be able to spend quality time with his family since he'd be away from them for a while. He's such a disciplinarian person. There is time for fun and play, time for learning, a time for everything. Mom said that every 6 in the evening all of them should be gathered around their altar to say Angelus. It was one of their family religious traditions. Lolo believes that a woman's place is in the home and that it is the resposibility of the husband to work and provide for the family. The wife is the queen and should take good care of the kids, be their mother and first teacher.

I so love Lolo Guming's life! I hope that my siblings will be able to read this blog. Grandpa was a great man!!! We must honor him forever! Thanks to Mommy for working out the temple ordinances for the dead for Lolo.

ps. pictures to follow

Jan 11, 2009

My Special Day!

Yes! Happy belated Birthday to me...yesterday the 10th! wow I'm 27 now! Thanks for all the greetings and gifts. Kevron took me to the Temple Square. Sister missionaries toured us around. We learned many things from the informations they gave us about the current church activities, the remarkable events in its history,honorable men behind it and their testimonies of particular gospel principles. The spirit was so sweet! I really appreciate how much Kevron knows me personally. Then after there, we went to Golden Corral for dinner. It was glorious! It was such a great birthday that I had! Thanks a lot Husbandry!!!


1. Are you a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s?
- I was born during the 80’s (1982 to be specific)

2. Where were you born?
- Calamba City in the province of Laguna, Philippines

3. Where did you grow up in?
- well I spent my first years in Cabuyao, Laguna...that's until I reached 7 yrs. old then we moved to Calauan, Laguna where I continued to spend childhood etc.

4. Did you enjoy your childhood?
- of course, I had lots of fun playing games with my neighbor kids and sisters like: patintero (three nights), luksung tinik (jump over thorns)/luksong baka, habulan (chase statue), hide and seek during the night outside the house, playing paper boats in the rain, chinese garter, sungka, hullahoop, Dr. quack quack,jumping rope (talaberd-talaberd haha), piko, sungka and playhouse
ps. playing video games like mario bros., battlecity, circus charlie, twin bee and ice climber with my siblings and cousins.

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
- a teacher then in 5th grade I wanted to be an astronaut. We were learning about the heavenly bodies, the universe/the galaxies and I found it very interesting and beautiful.

6. What do you want to be now?
- a housewife (as much as possible)… I mean, I want to take good care of my own family, a hands-on mom...take good care of my children and serve my husband. That’s my all-time dream now.

7. Were you a fun little kid?
-I guess with my close friends (those that I played with most of the time)

8. What was your first best friend's name?
-I totally forgot her name. It's been a long time.

9. Is he/she still your friend?
- I lost touch with her when we moved to Calauan, Laguna

10. Can you name all the schools you ever attended?
-Banlic Elementary School, Liceo De Calamba, Liceo De Calauan, Calauan Elementary School

11. Were you closer to your mom or dad as a kid?

12. What was the first record, tape or CD you remember buying?
- none

13. How old is a good age to have kids?
- honestly I don't have a preferred age but it depends upon you and your spouse's goals, beliefs and stituation (eg. health)

14. Are you scared of anything?
- when I was a kid, I used to be scared of the dark and frog. But now, I believe that as long as I am being honest and doing the right things that the Lord knoweth all things, I'm not scared of anything unless I committed sins and not repent properly, I'm scared that I will die with them.

15. What was your favorite class in elementary school? And the Worst?
- honestly I like all my classes in elementary but my most favorite is Math and Science

16. Did you buy school lunch or bring your own?
- both but mostly bring my own lunch

17. Broken any bones or had any freaky accidents as a kid?
- probably when I was silly playing chinese garter alone. I fell and hit my head on the floor (cement). My parents took me to Makati Med and had my head checked (x-ray). The result was normal.

18. Were you a mean kid?
- no

19. Favorite board game of all time?
-snake and ladder (as a kid), scrabble, monopoly

20. Did you play house or pretend to be a super hero?
- mostly super hero. I loved watching Shaider and She-ra

21. Seriously, are you still just a kid at heart?
- I believe that we are to enjoy life as much as we can in any way we can, in any situations we're into. But we need to be wise as to how we do it, where, why, what...

Jan 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Ivory Jane!

I miss you today! Congratulations for the new baby boy! I just want you to know how much I love you and appreciate you as my elder sister. You are a good example to me in many ways. We have had so many wonderful memories together.


noisy haha
loves to sing
loves ballroom dancing (swing)

Jan 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanay Suting (sofia haha)

Nephi with Nanay Sofia

I am always holding my head because I know that I am still your favorite...hehe But I think it is because I am so far away from the family. :) haha Whenever I talk to you over the phone, I could feel how much you control your emotions to avoid crying or being emotional. haha Honestly, I gain so much strength from talking to you Nanay. You are our second mother. And we know how much you love and care for the family. You are such a great example of sincere service and charity. Don't worry you will have the opportunity to hold my Veyron and the little one in my tummy. ;) I love you so much and wish you all the happiness that you deserve. Stay strong and healthy!
ps. I miss the yummy foods that you make :)

Happy Birthday Papa!

I never had any bad memories with you. We never fought :) Thank you for being such a great Dad to me. You were always kind and gentle to all of us your children. You never complained about your calling as a father to us. You always try to be honest to people specially to the Lord in all that you do. I will never ever forget your testimony about humble prayers and being submissive to the Lord's will. Thank you so much for leading us, your family and for doing your best to have us enjoy the power of the priesthood in our home sweet home:) I just love your sweet spirit. I love you!


thoughtfulness esp. when we are sick
hard worker/independent
his simplicity/humility
dates with him
such a joker at least to us his family
very patient
he likes to play badminton
has his own dance move that's so hilarious
most of all his fidelity to our Mother!

Your requested video :) Veyron's arrival into this world!

Jan 4, 2009

31st Year and Happy Birthday Mommy!

To my beloved parents, Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary!!! I am so happy that you are still strong together. I have been privileged to learn from your married life. I have witnessed some of the ups and downs in your relationship. I feel so blessed to be a part of your growing life. I thank you for all the unconditional love, understanding, sacrifices and patience for me and my siblings. I acknowledge your faith and honesty in teaching us correct principles of the gospel by words and examples. Also your hard works in providing for our needs. Thank you for cheering me up and giving us the right counsels on eternal marriage. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart! You will always be my Father and Mother.

To my Mommy, Happy Birthday to you! I know the first time I told you that I miss your motormouth hahaha was when I'm still on my mission in Tacloban. Even Ate Iroal admitted that when she was on her mission too. I want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts in sharing to me, to us all the good things that you know that we need to learn...your knowledge of the gospel, talents and skills so we can be good and responsible children, parents and spouse. Over the years, I've realized again and again how much you care for our eternal welfare. You have done your best for us when we were still completely under your supervision... as our Mother. I will always cherish our fun times and learning moments. Just continue saying your prayers for us. I love you Mommy! You are the best!


hard worker
noisy haha
plays the keyboard
Lola (grandma)






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Kayla Rees

Nyla Person

Val Person
getting older
plays the guitar
loves chocolates
loves to sing and dance
loves her children
loves Papa forever!!!

Happy Anniversary

Every year at this time we often recollect and remember all the times that have shaped our lives. Today is my Mom and Dad in-law's anniversary. I want to personally congratulate them and thank them for the love, support, wisdom and advice they extend my wife and I. I realize that sometimes I am not vocal in my appreciation to people, something I need to do better on.

Congrats and happy new year!

Jan 3, 2009

New Years

We welcomed the new years, 2009 at my in-laws place. We played games and had fun. It was wonderful to spend time with them. They are family here and I thank them for giving me the chance to be a part of their family. Also I appreciate all the good things and friendship that they have extended in me.

On my conversation with my sister, she told me that she is going to give the lesson in a family home evening. She chose the topic on smart goals (setting goals) since it is new year. For the past few days, I have been contemplating my life and evaluating my performance for the past year. I realized how much life has taught me. I have seen again and again my strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings, accomplishments, improvements and mistakes. Growth is a continuous process and I personally is grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful for the undying love and support of my family especially my parents who despite the long distance try their best to strengthen and encourage me always specially during the toughest times of my life. I feel so blessed for their availability when I needed them the most even if it is just having someone to talk to, a friend that someone who cares.

I am most grateful for the strength that the Lord has given me to overcome the 2008 adversities in my life (wink)! Yes I am still alive and prayerfully will keep on moving forward this year. The Lord hath preserved and sustained me.

Of course I appreciate my Husband for his faith and hard work. It is not easy to raise a family specially that it's been the most difficult times for him. The undesirable, unexpected things happen during the time when you least expected them.

To every thing there is a time and a season for every purpose under the heavens. All I know is that the Lord wants us to be better sons and daughters unto Him. That He gives us trials because He loves us and that He wants us to remember Him always because we easily forget His tender mercies and His wonderful plan for us. I know that He wants us to be the best that we can be, to be like Him someday and experience the deepest joys forever.

I pray for strength and inspiration as the heavens help me carry on my short and long-term goals for this new year.

Happy prosperous 2009 to all!

Jan 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

It was our third Christmas together and happily we are consistent with our family traditional Christmas Devotional in the morning. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to sing joyful songs, bear our testimonies of the Savior, share our thoughts and feelings and then open our presents. We also went to visit the family in Roy to continue celebrating the Christmas.