Dec 21, 2008

Big News and feeling the Christmas Season

Irene and I are very excited to announce that we are having a baby girl. We are very excited. That's right, 2 vs 2 now. And although I don't really like even matches (I prefer odds either in my favor or unfairly against me), this will add a little bit more spice to our family. Veyron will also get to be a big brother and learn some responsibility. She will be a cherished prize in our family.

Last week we also went to the ward Christmas party. It was quite enjoyable. We did some service for the needy and ate. It was cool.

I went home teaching today with my companion. We visited a family that had not had home teachers come by in over 1 year. We were glad to be the home teachers to break the drought.

Merry Christmas to everyone. >Kev

Today was our Ward's Christmas Presentation. We were so impressed about the ward choir. They're pretty good. They have sang songs that I've never heard before. They were like angels singing praises to that baby born in the manger. I really love our Bishop's message and testimony that this is the season of angels both on earth and heaven because of their good works and that real joy be found in the true meaning of Christmas.

I just love his words and appreciate them more as I read the accounts of the life of my Savior from the book that James E. Talmage wrote which is Jesus the Christ. I love his life with all my heart. It is just magnificent, powerful and encompassing. May we all cherish his unconditional and unspeakable love for us! >Ij

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Daisy said...

Wow! Congratulations!