Dec 14, 2008

111 Grandchildren!

wow! yes i know! It was amazing that Grandpa Calvin Rees has 111 grandchildren (great grandkids included). We went to visit Grandpa (Veyron's great grandpa) last week. The last time I saw him was i think a year ago...he was still strong and active. I still can remember his stories about how much he loved traveling, driving and horses. He's got a lot of tales to tell and I just loved listening to his stories. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to meet him and be his granddaughter through Kevron my husband. It was a fun yet heart-felt visit!


In this video: Grandpa/Grandma Rees, Starlene, Kevron, Irene and Veyron

It was a good time... We spoke for over an hour with Grandma and Grandpa. It was sad to see his health and condition as it was. Grandma was happy as she was sharing here family stories: her brothers and sisters and her life growing up. When we got back to my parents house, we watched a video on Grandpa's life. Hopefully we'll be able to travel back and visit them again.


Brynlee (Star's cute little girl) with her Grandma

I wanna grow old with you. This is true love!

In this video: Veyron, Kevron, Brynlee and Grandma

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