Nov 2, 2008


Today I had a couple thoughts. Two ideas that may help in self improvement, Meditation, and Pondering. On my mission, during study time every morning and evening, I would often let my mind wonder. During this time, I often found myself reflecting the events of the week, anticipating pending events, and evaluating myself. During this time I would recognize many things I can do to improve myself. I also found enlightenment as I prepared teachings in my mind.

In the time that I've been married, I've made myself busy trying to establish our family into a state of self sufficiency. This is as part of my five year plan and even longer. Because of how busy I've gotten myself, I don't have the time on a daily basis for the silent meditation and pondering that I had before.

Anyway, the goal for myself is to find extra time for solemn pondering and meditation.

PS. I just found out today that we are only a couple streets away from Pres Thomas S. Monson. Pretty cool.

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Deanna said...

Salamat for telling me about your blog! It is wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your experiences! I love you both so much! Upay-Upay, Ayo-Ayo....Sister Elggren