Nov 2, 2008

Random Thoughts

"Fisher's of Men", one of my favorite LDS movies that I am watching right now with my little Veyron. We went home after sacrament meeting since he is still not completely healed yet from his tongue infection and is not feeling well. We left his Daddy there so he could attend the rest of the meetings (gospel doctrine class and the priesthood). It is first Sunday of November and we were blessed to hear encouraging testimonies from our brothers and sisters including the little children.

It's been a month now that we moved to our new place. Kev and I looked forward to having a great new start in this cute place in Holladay. We are excited to apply the things that we learned from the past experiences and just move forward. We appreciate so much the kindness of those people from our new ward that visited our home. Adversities and trials in different ways are normal part of our life. The truth is they are great for they help us become stronger, smarter and better people. It is difficult sometimes but if we will be faithful, the Lord will sustain us and we will have peace and joy .

We loved all the Doctors that Veyron used to have and currently have. In their own ways, they are great. We trust them for their knowledge and abilities since that is their specialization/profession. His first doctor was an old guy but he is wonderful. He was always ready to answer our questions and inquiries regarding Vey's health status. He did a great job since Veyron was born. But now we moved to a farther place so we switched to a different doctor and that we only have one car to fulfill all the errands we have that require transportation. Anyway, we have been trying ways to help Veyron's tongue recover from bacterial infection. The medicine that was first recommended didn't seem to help him and then he was given antibiotics that helped him a little bit but it didn't kill the infection for some reason. However, we noticed that Veyron is at times would eat at least a little bit, being playful, adventurous and that the infected portion of his tongue was not as big as before which is definitely a good thing. It hurts me so much to see him cry and fight the pain after accidentally biting his tongue in his nap or sleep. His Daddy even tried to make this thingy to help his mouth stay close as he sleeps, hold and hug him until he falls asleep on his breast. Kevron is such a caring and thoughtful Father and it really touches my heart. So now Veyron is taking a different antibiotic after having his blood work done at the Primary Children's Medical Center here in Salt Lake. We are going to see an ENT Specialist this week for further check-up. We are grateful for all the services that were extended to our little boy. Just like the other parents, we'd love to see our child happy and healthy.

I talked to my Mother, my family as always and thanked them for all the encouragements and their best efforts to extend help in any ways they can despite the very long distance that divides us. It helps a lot especially when it is so timely or when I needed it the most. The comfort is just so sweet and pure. We are all hopeful and excited to see each other one day with the additionals in the clan or the little ones that will continue the legacies and histories.

Oh yeah when we went to the store on friday to pick up Vey's medicine and buy some chocolates for Halloween, I went down to this isle and saw Papa's favorite cologne... the Brut! Yes I picked one and smelled it. It made me laugh and unavoidingly remembered the fun times and sweet memories with him when I was a little girl and a teenager. haha that guy is getting older and older now but my love and respect for him will never change. :)

Life is good along with its normal trend of ups and downs! I am an ordinary person, I have weaknesses and shortcomings but there's one thing I know to be sure and that is having the best things in my life that help me see my wonderful husband and my children.

This is Kevron when he gets home from work everyday!


Ben, Starlene, Aiden and Brynlee said...

Oh man, I am so sorry that he is not better yet. How frustrating this must be for you and your family. I feel so bad for the poor boy. I am glad that they are trying something new. Keep us updated. Did the yoda costume fit vey? I love you and your boys of course.

Daisy said...

I hope Veyron will be better soon. I'll be praying for you guys!