Oct 26, 2008

Our new ward- Valley View 3rd ward

Our new ward is great. I'm impressed by the level of interaction the classes have. When a question was presented, there was no shortage of good comments. In fact, most of the comments I had in mind were given before I had the chance to make them!

Today was the primary presentation. They sang well, and it looked well done. Irene and I were impressed. We sat in the back near the door (for quick veyron escape) and we could still hear them! hehe!

Veyron attended nursery for the first time also this week. In previous weeks we kept him away from it for fear that his tongue infection was contagious. He really enjoyed it. He played and played.

It was an excellent sunday.


Daisy said...

Am glad you like your new ward. It's good to know that Veyron liked his first time in the nursery. We've been a nursery leader for a while and having a first time kid is hard sometimes (they scream and cry almost the whole time) :)

Ben, Starlene, Aiden and Brynlee said...

congrats on the nursery thing. Having the kids finally go to nursery is the best. Now you can get more out of class.