Oct 11, 2008

Two Becomes Three

Our love bore fruit in April 6, 2007 when Veyron Kev Rees was born. His name is a combination of Irene joY and kEVRON. He is our little joy. I'll never forget the experience of being a father. It really changes everything. We watch him grow, learn to do things, and experience life for the first time. It was the little things at first, like when he was finally able to track me with his eyes as I walked from one end of the floor to the other. When he rolled over for the first time it was especially exciting. He walked for the first time at 10.5 months. He was climbing the stairs long before that. Now, you can't keep anything from him. Leave him alone for 2 seconds and he's off getting himself into trouble. He loves the outside world.

Soon he will be accompanied by our second child. He'll be a good big brother. Thank goodness they both have a wonderful mother who cares so much for them and their well-being. She's awesome!

We love our son very much as our children are all that we really have at this point in our lives. We are glad and thankful for that. >Kevron

Words are just not enough to explain the depth of joy and happiness that I felt when I became a mother. My very heart's dream was fulfilled! Today, I am pregnant with our second baby. Time is just so quick in passing. Life has been very challenging yet fulfilling. I love my home sweet home on the earth and feel very blessed with my wonderful husband, children, our families and good friends. >IJ

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Ben, Starlene, Aiden and Brynlee said...

I love it. I am so glad that you guys are doing this. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Love you