Nov 25, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We are supposed to celebrate thanksgiving in Tacoma, WA with Grandma Josie. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it because her and Miggie are  both afflicted with illness. Miggie has to go home early from school the day before thanksgiving. He was affected with nausea and vomiting. Surely, we miss Grandma Josie. Hope she is feeling better now. We are grateful for her kindness, thoughtfulness and for being a source of strength and inspiration that she is to us. She lives by herself yet endeavors to live life with faith and hope in God.

At the dinner table, Kevron offered a touching prayer.

Whenever we look back on the beginning of our journey as husband and wife up to this time, our hearts are just filled with deep gratitude. We are grateful for everything specially that our love, trust and loyalty with each other are being strengthened continuously. 

Later in the evening Lola Trudee and Lolo Rollie came. So grateful for them for helping us with the kids when we need it. It is such a blessing that we live close to each other.

By the way here is a picture of my turkey and ham. They're tender and juicy!!!